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Message from the C.E.O.

​D.H.R. Ad Agency, a division of WDHR Radio Digital Broadcasting Network, aims to assist businesses of all sizes, musicians, and non-profit organizations adapt their brand, message, and plans for their online presence and audiences. Since social media and platforms for making digital campaigns became popular, there have been many changes. Only a few small businesses in the area anticipated widespread adoption of digital communication in the early 2000s. Most small-to-medium-sized business owners require more technical expertise and motivation to create a professionally designed and executed digital campaign. We build trust with our partners and learn about their businesses and goals, which is vital for a successful digital campaign.

We help partners set up an online presence in different industries, each with its own visual style and level of sophistication in terms of how it works. Working with partners from multiple sectors has been challenging but rewarding. We've learned to work closely with business owners and organization leaders to ensure their content (message) and services are accurately translated into the digital world. Our team supports the owners' vision because they know their company's values best. We use our technical expertise to focus on the long-term success of our partners. Our team stays up-to-date on technology and search engine marketing to give customers nationwide a customer-focused, digitally executed experience. We meet our partners' complex needs by staying ahead of the curve. We thank our business partners for using  D.H.R. Ad Agency to build and manage their digital marketing needs. We are grateful to work with your unique organization and help you grow online.

We look forward to tackling the many challenges ahead with our partnerships, so let us create a vibrant future for your businesses.

Tren-se M. Ketchum-Jasper, Jr.

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