The Team


Tren-sé, a.k.a. DJ Interlude, was born and raised on the North and West side of Chicago, Illinois.  His mother was a computer analyst and upgraded the banking system for Oklahoma City and for the University of Oklahoma during the 1970s'.  Introduced to the world of music by his father, Tren-sé Mario Ketchum, Sr, lead singer for Ketch Entertainment in Chicago, is also direct kin to the late Sammy Davis, Jr;  a most charismatic performer and entertainer of his era.  The late Leo Graham was a Chicago-based producer and songwriter who had a string of hits with Tyrone Davis and the successful musical groups, The Manhattans and The Manhattan Transfer during the '70s and '80s.   As a major influencer and contributor to Tren-sé's esteem and musical career as a teenager, his mentorship proved invaluable.   Today, Tren-sé is a 25-year member of The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), and a multi-talented DJ who has graced the decks in places such as Spain, Denmark, London, Amsterdam, Holland, Atlanta, Chicago, and New York.  A master engineer, songwriter, and composer, he also holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from American Military University (AMU), with multiple technical certifications,  a Subject Matter Expert in the field of Digital Media and Marketing, and Partner Marketing Consulting.  

Kim was born and raised in New York City.  Her mother is a retired NYC public school educator and was a global provider of student and virtual business programs, and an exchange student host for the Virtual Enterprise Program.  She also facilitated Trade Shows in Vienna, Austria.  Her father retired from the NYC Transit Authority.   As a well-known, self-taught visual artist, and at one time a singer with the original assemblage of the 1960s musical group, The Main Ingredient,  his art murals were displayed on the walls of NYC subway stations.   Kim studied dance at the Dance Theater of Harlem under the directorship and instruction of the late Arthur Mitchell and Karel Shook, where ballet was an integral part of her life.  She also has a passion for photography and has been since a very young age.  BE PHOTOGRAPHY  is Beholding Eyes Photography.   Kim describes her images as unconfined, yet intentional.  Her latest project in the making is a photo book release of her photojournalism of the late Freddie Gray saga in Baltimore that spawned a series of nationwide protests and riots.   Photojournalism and music go hand in hand, and it is where the greatest awakening of her energy is derived.   As co-owner and manager of an underground mobile dance club, Club Myth from 1987 to 1994 in upstate New York,  Kim, aka DJ  K-Star was the resident DJ for a string of HOUSE music parties that traveled from one underground venue to another.  Kim holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Sociology from Binghamton University and is a 10-year member of ASCAP.  Presently, she is the Director of Media, Promotions, and Music Programmer for WDHR Radio Broadcasting Digital Network.