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WDHR Radio Digital Broadcasting Network ® is an independent and sponsored online Internet radio station that is supported by a company and individual financiers. The site is not influenced by background, occupation, religious or political affiliation, other companies, or persons. It accepts advertising, sponsorship, or paid insertions, but the music content, postings, or topics are not affected by incoming or outgoing compensation from external sources. The owner(s) of WDHR Radio Digital Broadcasting Network ® and DHR, Inc. do not receive compensation for providing opinions on products, services, websites, and other topics. If they claim or appear to be experts on a specific topic or product or service area, they only endorse products or services that they believe in based on their research, expertise, and understanding of the purpose of the product. The server is monitored daily for suspicious activity, and IP addresses engaged in suspicious activity will be banned from accessing the station from the website. For any inquiry about WDHR Radio Digital Broadcasting Network ®, you can contact them at 708-964-5983 (United States) or and The policy was reviewed or modified on November 19, 2023.

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