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about the radio network and company

Welcome to Deep House Records®! Our record label oversees a variety of brands, such as DHR, Inc., WDHR Radio Digital Broadcasting Network, Interlude Productions, Beholding Eyes Photography (BEP), Ideal Music Communication (IMC) Publishing, sister label Ra-Re Nut Music, DHR Ad Agency, SOVE-Reigns (Soaring One Vast Energy) and REIGNS, our new Digital Broadcasting Network for streaming on ROKU and Amazon Fire TV.  We also can provide live broadcasts of any event,


At IMC, we provide top-quality publishing services, including copies of written works and an extensive network of global distributors and online stores at your disposal. With over 40 years of collaborative experience, we have successfully released music comprising extended plays, single tracks, and full-length albums. Our platforms and partnerships offer an exceptional opportunity to highlight and distribute music. We are confident in our ability to meet your publishing needs and look forward to assisting you in any way we can. 


We are a digital broadcasting network that offers ad-free listening to music lovers worldwide. Since 2011, we have provided a diverse and extensive music library to cater to various musical tastes. With listeners from 500 different cities and countries across the globe, our station has streamed over 3 million hours of music. As a registered trademark of C-corp, headquartered in Newark, Delaware, we offer networks that cater to deep house, deep soul, and deep jazz. Join the WDHR Radio community for exceptional programming 24/7, all year round.


We offer an impressive range of commercial or advertisement slot options, including 30-, 60-, and 90-second intervals on most popular streaming platforms. Our network boasts unlimited space, cutting-edge technology, security features, and the ability to relay other stations, play podcasts, and even purchase or use your content through our platform. We also provide top-quality marketing and advertising services for local and international businesses. Our station is easily accessible, as you can listen through our website or popular apps such as TuneIn, Alexa, Amazon Fire TV, and ROKU which are compatible with iOS and other devices.


We welcome your questions, complaints, or song submissions for any of our music stations. Please reach out to us via email at Your feedback is valuable to us, and we appreciate hearing from you.


Thank you for your interest in Deep House Records®, WDHR Radio Digital Broadcasting Network, and REIGNS Digital Broadcasting Network on our ROKU channel.

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