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Michael Ricci - Publisher Guy

Michael Ricci launched the All About Jazz website in 1995. Jazz-related news, album reviews, articles, videos, and event listings are all published by volunteers. To complement this, Ricci runs a site called Jazz Near You, which provides information about upcoming concerts and other live performances in the area. From 2003 through 2015, the Jazz Journalists Association named All About Jazz the best website covering jazz for thirteen consecutive years. Ricci said in 2015 that the site's monthly readership peaked at 1.3 million in 2007. A second source claims that over half a million people from around the globe regularly visit the site. A native of Philadelphia, Ricci was raised there. From his father's record collection, he listened to classical and jazz. By the time he was eight years old, he was already playing the trumpet and attending jazz concerts. His computer programming and jazz knowledge led him to launch the All About Jazz website in 1995. Reviews, interviews, articles on jazz in the United States and globally, and news about upcoming festivals, concerts, and other events, may all be found on this page. 

Ricci received the Jazz Bridge Ambassador Award in 2016 for advancing jazz in the Philadelphia area. As a busy hub for jazz, we add new content daily, which you can find on our homepage. We put out an average of 7–8 articles daily, which impresses casual jazz listeners and experts. For people new to jazz, our Jazz Library, Top Ten articles, and our radio and podcast programs will be helpful. For people who already know a lot about jazz, our vast archive of 77,000 reviews and articles will be a rabbit hole of new things to learn. We keep much information online because it is a great place to find and share information.

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